Wild luxurious alligator at wholesale prices

A sustainable alligator tannery in Florida, a factory full of artisans in Massachusetts, and a talented designer and fashion veteran in Charleston, now bring you luxurious alligator for the first time online and at wholesale prices.


The Tannery

A team of world renowned colorists and tanners have collaborated at our state-of-the-art facility to produce exquisite alligator skins, all without negatively impacting the environment or local ecosystem.


The Factory

The quintessential New England factory, built from brick and nearly a century old, is filled with experienced artisans who have perfected their leather work over decades.


The Designer

Throughout his career, George has worked in the fashion industry alongside some of the most talented designers of his generation—Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Bill Blass, and Calvin Klein to name a few. Working with these iconic brands exposed George to the most gifted artisans in the world, leaving him with a deep appreciation for beauty and those who create it.

Our Business Model

We've eliminated the retail mark-up. We supply and hand-make our own goods entirely ourselves, leaving out costly third parties. In other words, we are entirely vertically integrated and offer the best price/quality equation in the luxury market.