For me artisanal quality is the new luxury—simply elegant products, made with the finest materials that will stand the test of time and can be enjoyed for generations. That’s why I had to bring 79 Ashley to market.

Our Collection is small but special with a modern spirit that is classically inspired, and consists of products that you will enjoy today and your children and their children will enjoy in the future.
— George Ackerman, Curator of Extraodinary Objects

Our Story

79 Ashley is a collection of generational leather goods designed in Charleston and handmade in Massachusetts. From elegant evening clutches, to belts and briefcases, the men's and women's lines are forged in classic, vachetta leather to create accessories that will last a lifetime - or longer.

Founded in 2014 by fashion veteran George Ackerman, the brand embraces the spirit of the new south while remaining deeply rooted in the tenets of timeless design and hand craftsmanship. The name 79 Ashley is a nod to the Charleston address where George and his wife reside in a restored 19th century home.

Throughout his career, George has worked in the fashion industry alongside some of the most talented designers of his generation—Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Bill Blass, and Calvin Klein to name a few. Working with these iconic brands exposed George to the most gifted artisans in the world, leaving him with a deep appreciation for beauty and those who create it.

As the industry changed, "fast fashion" and the endless grab for what's "new and next" left little room for quality and craftsmanship. That's when George stepped away from 7th Ave and moved to Charleston, SC. Living there, surrounded once again by timeless design, his passion was reignited.

Inspired by his new hometown, a slower pace, and a few international figures with impeccable style—Gianni Agnelli, Princess Grace, Lapo Elkann, Donna Karan—George set out to create an accessories collection appreciated for its unmistakable quality and understated elegance.